Happy New Years 2010

Posted on December 31, 2009 by iseeyourunderwear

Thanks for making 2009 an unforgettable year for us. I See Your Underwear wishes you all a very Happy New Year and hope all your wishes come true in 2010.

Feel yourself hugged and well wished.

Can we make your experience better, more secure or faster? Buying online has becoming the main trend in shopping , but does the experience make you feel left out? Does the company you buy from offer the product at a cheaper price but fail to deliver the goods? Does free shipping sometimes come at the cost of higher price products? Do you miss jumping into your car to drive 30 minutes and wander around the store checking out the limited selection of mens underwear? New Years is all about new beginnings, whether it is a new year’s resolution promising to lose weight, save money or just be a better friend.

At I See Your Underwear it is about better service and how we can provide the best service to you. Does going on line to visit a retailer in private, make a selection, pay securely and have your package shipped discreetly sound like a more enjoyable experience to you? All this, anytime, day or night. Lets us make your shopping experience great!

What makes I See Your Underwear? Customers , great customers. We are always looking for feedback, on our Website, our Blog, Facebook, and Twitter. This year we will work harder to keep you up to-date on what’s new, product reviews, underwear in the news&any other underwear tidbits!

Yesterday Tom emailed us about his funny experience at the airport.

From Twitter - Tom’s favourite underwear story.

Going through airport security, no shoes, jacket or belt, and the scanner was still going off,so they pulled me to the side but still in the main lobby, with everyone else still going through security,the screener took the hand held scanner and waved it around my front and it went off , I said I do not have any jewellery down there, I wear my pants two sizes larger than needed, the screener said put your hands in the air, so I did and my pants fell to my ankles right there in the main entrance, so I am standing there in a pair of polo boxers with my pants around my ankles, they had buttons on them and they had metal in the buttons which set off the scanners. When released and I was boarding the airplane, one lady said to me nice boxers, as I passed her to my seat. I also had several other comments throughout the flight home.Glad to share, frustrated at the time, but it brings a smile to my face now, those buttons looked like regular buttonsBut must have had some metal ingredients in them that set off the scanners,

Thanks Tom

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