June 2009 Newsletter

Posted on May 31, 2009 by iseeyourunderwear

Wow what a turnaround month for underwear sales, I guess with all the bad news in the economy, men are looking for a little comfort. I am a firm believer that comfort starts with the first piece you put on and the last piece that you take off, yes underwear. This month we spoke with Michael Brush who did a wonderful article in MSN Money check out the article “How your undies track the recession”. But enough about the economy, how great was the photo of the young soldier fighting in his “I Love New York” pink undies and flip flops, Zachary Boyd age 19 we salute you! If the bullets didn’t scare off the Taleban then I am sure the pink underwear might.

This month we will feature Macho Underwear, a very sexy looking product that I am sure you will agree has many styles and colors that are sure to fit your budget. We welcome Macho to our site and hope that you will love it as much. “We defined MACHO as a young product with a state of-the-art style and anatomic design. Macho wants to satisfy the needs of the modern man by balancing power and sensuality.Focused on that feeling and suggestions that have inspired us, our designs keep the sophisticated aesthetic and the elegant precision of proportions and details. MACHO IS LIKE HIS NAME: MASCULINE, VIRILE, SENSUAL, AGGRESIVE, COMPROMISING AND INFORMER FOR YOUR IDENTITY. IF YOU WEAR IT, IT IMPOSES AND FOLDS, IT IMPACTS AND EXCITES... IT SIMPLY SEDUCES!Our objective "THE MACHO MAN", who looks for identity and sensuality.”
Macho Coming Soon!
Hope that you were able to take a look at the C-IN2 core products as they are a great product to add to your laundry hamper.

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