A New Generation of Mens Underwear

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Mens underwear has changed radically over the past few decades. What started as simple covering for your loins has changed into a separate fashion sector. Here is a look at many of the changes that mens underwear has undergone in the last 100 years.


The purpose of underwear was to cover your crown jewels and maintain good hygiene. Overtime, it became proper etiquette. From the 1920’s, underwear, especially men’s underwear started undergoing many transformations. Pre-shrunk fabrics were one of the biggest changes in the early 90s. It meant that you never had to buy underwear in larger sizes.

The most notable change in mens underwear has to be the changes in the fabrics used to actually make underwear. Originally, underwear was manufactured with either wool or silk, the latter was used for purposes that are more erotic in nature.

It was easy to work, readily and cheaply available and it breathes well. However, in this day and age, new combinations of fabrics are being used to manufacture mens underwear. These fabrics make underwear more durable, comfortable, breathable, stretchy, waterproof, fast drying and see-through, or a combination of any of these features. Furthermore, many new fabric blends make high quality underwear affordable.

One of the greatest changes to fabrics was the introduction of fast drying fabrics. If you were wearing waterproof underwear, you could easily jump into a pool, come out and your underwear would not wedge, bulge or seem stuck on your body. He quick dry fabrics would ensure that the water drained out of the underwear fast, leaving you feeling great.

All-purpose Underwear

One of the greatest breakthroughs in mens underwear has to undoubtedly be all-purpose underwear. Although a little expensive, this type of underwear is super absorbent, stretchy, breathable, form fitting and very comfortable. To top it all off, they look great. You will never have a problem wearing it in your home, on the street, at the beach or the gym.

In with the Sexy

During the late 1930s, mens underwear changed significantly. Jockey briefs were released. This was a very sexy and skimpy variant of the classic underwear. Within 3 months, over 30, 000 pairs were sold; significant for skimpy underwear. That trend has continued over the past 80 years and has continuously evolved.

Now, sexy mens underwear takes on a completely different and new meaning. Many popular brands emphasize on the sexy side of mens underwear. This type of underwear has no covering over the buttocks, different cup variations, various pockets, form-fitting features, revealing qualities and various enhancement and lifting features.

Mens underwear just isn’t what it used to be. It is no longer the simple piece of cloth used to cover your crown jewels. Mens underwear is now like the clothes you wear, it has more than one purpose. It changes significantly every ten years or so, even faster when new developments arise. Mens underwear is now just as sexy and functional as womens underwear, perhaps more.

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