Valentines: Chocolate and Underwear

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Valentines: Chocolate and Underwear …. My two favorite gifts.

Sweet treat for Valentines and a little history of chocolate “Chocolate” comes from the Aztec word “Xocolatl,” meaning “bitter water.” The fermented, roasted, and finely grounded beans added to cold water and stirred with evidence of cacao beverages dating back to 1900 BC. Cacao seed were offered to the gods and chocolate drinks were served during sacred ceremonies, Chocolate refined from Cacao Beans was a sacred treat fit for the gods. The Aztecs recognized the value of chocolate thousands of years ago and today we offer chocolate to our friends, lovers, wives, husbands as a sign of true love.

Do you think of yourself a chocoholic or an occasional indulger? Surely you indulge in the fine taste of smooth, soft, sweet, sensual, soothing, succulent, rich, luxurious, delightful, comforting, something to get hyped about, brown, dark like coffee, a sweet delight, a treat, delicious, enjoyable sweet chocolate. If you enjoy the richness, decadent, sensual, heavenly flavor of chocolate, whether it’s in bar form, as part of a baked good or a nice warm cup of coco to warm you up on a chilly day. Well underwear has much of the qualities of chocolate, many of us are underwearaholic, we indulge in our passion for underwear, and we love the look and feel of fine cotton material, the soft comfort, the perfect pouch design for our own personal fit. Underwear like chocolate can be, rich, luxurious, delightful, comforting, something to get hyped about. Chocolate had a humble beginning somewhat like us at; it too has become one of the world’s favorite sweet treats for your sweetheart.

Today chocolate, like underwear can be Tweeted, Facebooked, and Pinterested and found on websites and even a topic discussed on men’s underwear websites, can you believe that! Well the answer in a word is yes. If you give your true love a box of chocolates you are hoping you are going to end your evening in your underwear. If you end the evening in your underwear you better make sure that they are as refined as the beautiful chocolate you purchased for your Valentine. Underwear come to think about it is a great Valentine gift, especially if you are giving your loved one a box of chocolate.

Today chocolate is an industry with demand than will soon outpace growth. Demand for chocolate increases by 2.5 to 3% per year, translating to 4 million more tons of cocoa needed each year. There are not enough current cocoa plants to keep up with production demand. The plants need tropical, humid conditions and rich soil to thrive, but unlike mens underwear we are constantly striving to meet the demands of style, good taste, flavor of the month, trends to meet the need of today’s man. So this Valentines I would recommend stopping by your favorite chocolate shop pick up a lovely heart shaped box of chocolate and then run home get on the internet type in the address bar or just click on this link and check out our sweetheart deals for Valentines.

Remember underwear is like a box of chocolate, undies comes in an assorted styles, colors, shapes and sizes from jockstraps, briefs, boxers, boxer briefs, g-strings thongs, swimsuits and more. So just for Valentines get your man a great selection of assorted underwear from This will be the Valentines he will not forget.

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