Baskit Sawed-Off Trunk Brawn Baskit Bomber

Baskit Sawed-Off Trunk Brawn Baskit Bomber

Behold the /baskit/beauties, brawn and Japanese Body Art prints. These designs are sure to capture attention or just give you an extra reason to smile about the party in your pants. We started off with the Beauties but when they got lonely we thought it was only appropriate to bring some men on the scene. We've added some brawn to our line...
Get ready for the hottest look, and ultimate in comfort and style, in men's underwear. Baskit underwear for men makes retro pin-up girls sexy. The perfect choice for guys who want to keep their girl's close at hand. . Baskit Bombers features two men working hard and glistening with sweat as they prepare to bomb some unsuspecting person who probably wasn't wearing Baskit underwear.


Quick Overview:

Baskit's Brawn line is nothing if not masculine. This Sawed Off brief is sure to bring the comfort and sex-appeal you require from your favorite underwear with a little less material than a trunk, but more coverage than a brief. You're sure to be impressed with these fabulous sawed-off briefs.

100% organic cotton. 180gram weight

Baskit Sawed-Off Trunk Brawn Baskit Bomber"

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