C-IN2 Core Jockstrap

C-IN2 Core Jockstrap

C-IN2 Core Jock strap also known as a jock, jock strap, strap, supporter, or athletic supporter, or in this case a comfortable breathable fashionable underwear. All day comfort like you have never experienced before sure these look good but damn they feel great and as a added bonus your partner may love this retro jock with the wide waistband even more. If you're looking for a comfortable and classic jockstrap, then this is definitely the jock for you.
Designed for your serious sporting guys, this jock has also become an everyday item for the everyday man.
Offering extra support with its 2 1/4" microfiber waistband, the jock is suitable for gym, sport, and hiding that men's underwear line. With its 10.5" long straps and roomy pouch, the jock provides comfort and easy maneuverability when worn. A very prominent C-IN2 logo is woven on the front.

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