Bow Ties: Not Just For Hipsters

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In fact, the title could even be Bow ties: not for hipsters!, but let’s not generalize. There is one basic thing you need to know to rock a bow tie. It is not an accessory for style-beginners. Sure, we see it nowadays in all sorts of blogs featuring young urbanites, but does it look good? Most of the times it does not. Let me explain to you why.

A gentleman would not accept to wear a neck-wear item that he could not tie on his own. And the vast majority of bow ties that you see on young celebrities and infamous hipsters are either pre-tied and strapped or clip-on. Especially clip-on bow ties are a terrible choice, as they bring to mind clowns, circus, and drunk boys at the prom. Why is that? Well, the whole point of tying your own bow tie is that this way it has a touch of your personal style. Clip-ons and pre-tied are just too perfect to be believable. Also, keep in mind that if you want to wear a bow tie to stand out in the crowd in a positive way, you will only manage if your bow tie outfit is well put together and the bow tie is not the only great thing on it. Otherwise you will look goofy.

In order to choose the right bow-tie, you need to take into account the collar, around which you will tie it. The width of your bow-tie needs to fit the height of the collar, in order to get the best result when tying. You can ask help from a salesman in a tie shop, on how to make the right choice. They can also advise you on the right materials for each season. As a rule of thumb, dark colors and heavier materials like wool and cashmere are great for winter while cotton, silk and linen are best for spring and autumn. If you want to wear your bow tie on an everyday basis, then make sure to choose a less formal one. The print makes all the difference. Dotted, paisley, stripped and herringbone are all good choices, as long as the colors are not too bold. This way you can match them with more outfits. On the other hand, feel free to choose contrasting colors for your shirt and bow-tie on special occasions, if you feel you can pull it off.

When can you wear your bow-tie? Whenever you feel like it. Of course, in a formal event with a tuxedo it can replace your tie. At the office you can wear it with a nice blazer and a smart shirt. And when you go for a coffee or drinks with friends, you can combine it more freely, even with a plaid shirt -sleeves rolled up- and a leather jacket. As long as it is made of high-quality materials and you tied it yourself, feel free to experiment. Remember that a bow tie on its own cannot make your style unique, but if you have a great style in total, it will surely give that extra punch.

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To wear or not to Wear, That is the Question

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We were all born and raised to wear underwear as part of our daily routine. It has become so inbuilt that we cant imagine going a day without wearing one. However, many people actually hate wearing underwear. So the question remains, do men really have to wear underwear


Most men will tell you that nothing feels better than going commando, especially on a hot day. However, it is important to note why men wear underwear on hot day. The primary reason is sweat. On hot days, the last thing you want is your jeans absorbing all your sweat.

Not only is this unhygienic, it means that you will have to wash your pants every day. You could simply just put on a pair of absorbent underwear. They are much easier to wash.

Imagine going to the bathroom, urinating and then putting your gear right back into your pants. Chances are you are going to get drops of urine on the inside of your pants. Now you have to wash your pants. Then again, if you wore underwear, your pants are safe. You are going to wash the underwear anyway so it doesn’t matter if a few drops of urine get on it.

The Dreaded Zip

No matter how many much you try, you have probably got your soldier stuck,or almost stuck in your pants zipper before. If you were wearing underwear, that would probably never have happened.


The biggest argument against mens underwear is that they are uncomfortable. It is understandable that it feels great to let loose. In fact, it may be comfortable as well. However, comfort depends highly on the pair of underwear. If you complain about underwear being uncomfortable, you obviously haven’t been wearing the right pair.

There are many brands that make your average pair of tighty whities whilst there are those that make exceptionally comfortable pairs of underwear. These better brands use very high quality material that gives you great feel while letting your crown jewels breathe, so to speak. When given the choice, which one sounds comfortable. Paying a little for an average pair or more for a much better pair.

Better Form

Most prefer a natural hang as opposed to the cramped up form that most underwear gives you. However, if that is what you believe, you honestly dont know much about new-age underwear. Underwear now comes with cups or pockets that keep your soldier in proper form. He will not stick to your thighs or be cramped inside. It will seem natural, but better.

Underwear is also manufactured to help improve the form of the buttocks as well. This type of underwear aims at improving the shape of everything below the belt.

In all, underwear is the way to go. The right pair of underwear offers a high level of comfort, is hygienic, keeps you safe from getting your gear stuck in a zip and it provides great form. So, to wear or not to wear. With so many advantages, you should definitely wear underwear.

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McKillop Designer Underwear

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McKillop Elevate Butt - Max Lifters

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Who can keep up with Ryan McKillop, in such a short time Ryan McKillop designer of McKillop U/W has built this mens underwear company from a jockstrap to a Capri, and everything in-between with briefs boxers added to the list. Each season Ryan takes the simplest jockstrap and turns it into a masterpiece with last season’s Sweater Jock and this seasons Jean Jock what could be next...Time will only tell as Ryan is a design master of new and innovative mens underwear. It only seems like yesterday when Ryan started selling Jockstraps today McKilop boost 10,000 followers on Twitter and voted #5 best underwear companies. Wow

Check out one of my favourite underwear’s and not for the faint of heart, Elevate-Butt / Max Lifters. This comes with a suggested retail price of $60.00 Canadian Dollars but the technology that is built into this underwear make the price just right. Quote from McKillop:

“We perfected the enhancement of the Pouch and we have spent last year perfecting the backside. Elevate is our newest collection of enhancement products that give you the maximum lift humanly possible. Our T/Bar design is a combination of a Jock and a G String lifting your assets to new heights. With 2 layers of 1.5" elastic this drastic lift not only increases your profile it straightens your posture.We followed the same theme with the Brief which has 1 continuous elastic running from left to right like an under wire, some said it’s impossible but at Mckillop we just find that to be a dare! In addition to the lift the 2" leg straps gives an optical illusion of a smaller rear. Following the launches of the Brief and T/Bar we will be launching the 2012 version of our classic pouch. We were hesitant on launching this pouch because the bulge is totally obscene; it’s like propping your boys on a shelf and walking around. One of the features of the Pouch is to wear it before going out and you will have a loaded weapon like no other. “

McKillop Pouches are the company's signature, Pouches have made McKillop a leader in the enhancement field due to the ability to make your profile more noticeable. All of the designs incorporate enhancement pouches that create and excite. It is not only the wearer, but the looker that enjoys this underwear. Want to dress to thrill then look no further than McKillop U/W.

We have the opportunity to work with Ryan and I would say that Ryan is an honest hard working designer of men’s underwear; he stands behind each and every purchase of his product and makes it right because he believes that the customer is his first priority.

Check out any of the McKillop U/W products and you will see a different kind experience from a different kind of company! McKillop has just initiated a just in time build sequence so no more mass produced underwear , each and every pair is made to order. Mckillop UW is now creating each luxury piece especially for you, from our Vancouver Design Studio.

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Join the Social Media Revolution

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At we understand the need for up to date information. Mens Underwear is very important to us and we feel that it is important to you, we Blog, Digg, Tweet, Facebook, and Google all about mens underwear. As a matter of fact we pretty much eat sleep and breathe underwear.

Keeping our customers up to date about underwear is important, when new products arrive we like to let our customers know that we have them in stock. Sexy mens underwear is always the rage online and many of the people online just like to know whats new. Fashion underwear is always on the cutting edge, new colors, new designs, new material and new ideas. Bet you did not know that some men’s underwear is made from wood or sea weed but with the comfort of refined cotton. Eco friendly underwear made from Bamboo is a great seller online but hard to find at your local stores.

Social Media offers the online community a two way conversation or three thousand way conversation about mens fashion. Join in and post your ideas online, it is so easy to tell people online what you think. Just look at me. I am writing this, your reading it and you may or may not agree with me but you can respond and tell the world your thoughts. What we love about Social Media is that it is quick, if it happen this morning you can tell everyone one minute later.

Social Media is knowledge and power; it is a voice for everyone. We use social media to showcase current underwear designers and opinions on fashion. Our customers and friends as we like to think want a voice online, if you place an order online you should feel that we want your best interest to be our best interest. We know that informed customers are happy customers and that is why we have over 2000 followers to date on Twitter and it is growing every day. We update information online via blogging, Tweeter, Face Book and many other media sites.

We think that Social Media has helped the mens underwear industry due in part to people telling people what they like and dont like about design, fabrics and service. We are a part of the Social Media Scene and would love to hear from you.

Mens Underwear and Sexy Mens Underwear
Shop on-line for sexy underwear for men. Find the latest fashion and styles in briefs, g-strings, thongs, and boxer shorts. Secure shopping, great service and free shipping. Mens Underwear
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Find The Ideal Underwear For Your Fashion Personality

Posted on March 29, 2014 by iseeyourunderwear .com

If you are a fashion-forward man, then you certainly know that not all Underwear is suitable for all occasions. Also, not all underwear can be worn with all outfits. By reading this article, you will be able to understand what pieces are missing from your collection and which is the best type of underwear for you, based on your fashion sense, lifestyle and personality. So let’s get started!

The smartly dressed businessman: You have to go to the office wearing a suit and a tie and you have to attend meetings with demanding clients and a frustrated (and frustrating) boss. What you need in order to feel confident, is an underwear that offers support, looks good under your pants and lets your skin breath. Boxers are usually not a good choice, as the extra loose fabric does not offer much support and does not look good underneath slim-cut suits. Stretch boxers, briefs and boxer briefs are all good choices.

The freelancer: You work from home or on your own. You are independent and your own boss and you can decide your clothes of choice. You can enjoy the freedom of working in jeans and t-shirts and this translates also to your underwear. There is a great collection of briefs, boxers and trunks that come in bold colors and patterns and can make your day.

The sportsman: Weather you hit the gym after work or you are a professional athlete, you need a lot of support and not all the extra boxer fabric. You can go for fitted trunks and briefs if you are more traditional, but you can also go for jockstraps, if you really want to keep your skin free to breath. It is important to choose underwear that is made of mostly cotton and mesh fabrics, that allow sweat to evaporate. Durability is also a great must for sports underwear.

The Casanova: You like dating. A lot. And what comes after it. Having a pair of underwear that gives you confidence, can help you take your clothes off without hesitation. Seamless briefs look great under slim-fitting jeans and pants and they look good on their own as well. Trunks in black or gray are also a classy choice. Do not go for briefs with wide elastic bands, unless you have the abs to support that look. You can always try something more kinky like bikini briefs or g-strings and thongs, if you like adventure in the bedroom.

The laid-back lad: You like your couch. You like staying in bed reading your book or watching TV. You enjoy relaxed weekends. We all have a bit of a laid-back guy inside of us. And boxers are the best way to enjoy lazy days. Your thighs get enough ventilation and if you are concerned about fertility, boxers are the best choice, as they do not pressure you at all. But if you are no longer a teenager, please do not allow any cartoon characters, hearts, bombs and the like on your underwear. People have lost lovers because of that before!

Mens Underwear and Sexy Mens UnderwearShop on-line for sexy underwear for men. Find the latest fashion and styles in briefs, g-strings, thongs, and boxer shorts. Secure shopping, great service and free shipping. Mens Underwear
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Wear A Vest To Impress

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The legend has it, that when King Edward VII of England started leaving the last button of his waistcoat open to be more comfortable, the aristocrats of the era followed this trend. Always leaving the last button undone maybe the least useful thing to know about how to wear a vest to impress. But it is a fun fact and additionally it is kind of a secret signal among men who really know how to dress to the nines.

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Scarfs And Ties: Wear Them In Style

Posted on March 28, 2014 by iseeyourunderwear .com

Most of you, dear gentlemen, are familiar with ties. You might be required to wear them in the office and even if this is not the case, you have worn them before in a formal occasion. Still, there are a few things that you might want to check, to make sure that you are wearing your tie in the most flattering way.

The first thing that you need to check is that your tie is of good quality. You do not need to have hundreds of them, but the ones you have need to be made of good quality materials. Silk ties are the best choice and they can be worn year-round, depending on the texture. There are wool ties available for winter and cotton and linen ties available for spring and summer. If your tie is too old, has stains or stray strings, then replace it. Another important aspect of the perfect tie is the length. Go for a tie that covers your belt just a tiny bit when worn. There are skinny, short versions promoted by fashion designers, but unless you work in the fashion sector, it won’t be appreciated in the office. Another thing that will most likely not be appreciated is a paisley tie. Stick to more simple patterns, like pinstripes or herringbone. Try to find the colors that flatter you and by all means do choose ties that help you express yourself. If you do not feel comfortable with your tie, it will show. The same goes for knots. There are more than eighty ways to knot a tie. Just find one that suits you. It need not be extravagant to look good.

As for scarfs, here we have to clarify a huge misconception. Scarfs are not exclusively for ladies. Ancient Chinese, ancient Romans, the Croatian army, Louis XIV and World War aviators all wore scarfs. Why? To keep warm during winter, to keep their neck from burning during summer, to signify their ranks within the army. In Victorian England scarfs became a fashion accessory for both genders. So go on and try a scarf. You have history to back you up when other men doubt your styling choice.

There are a few rules to keep in mind though, when choosing a gent’s scarf. When it comes to material, the same rules apply as with ties. Good quality shows and it is worth investing in. Also, make sure that you are not getting anything too transparent, airy, with beads or flowers and frills on it. These are features of feminine scarfs and unless you are a fashion maverick, then it’s apparently not a good idea to try and pull them off. In general, wide and long scarfs are what you should be longing for. You need some length to knot your scarf, and a wide scarf looks better even if you just drape it around your neck, letting your tie show. You can use a scarf instead of a tie as well, and wear it indoors. Prefer silk scarfs or wool and cashmere scarfs that are not too bulky. They will help you make a blunt office outfit more interesting.

Mens Underwear and Sexy Mens UnderwearShop on-line for sexy underwear for men. Find the latest fashion and styles in briefs, g-strings, thongs, and boxer shorts. Secure shopping, great service and free shipping. Mens Underwear
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