To wear or not to Wear, That is the Question

Posted on March 30, 2014 by iseeyourunderwear .com

We were all born and raised to wear underwear as part of our daily routine. It has become so inbuilt that we cant imagine going a day without wearing one. However, many people actually hate wearing underwear. So the question remains, do men really have to wear underwear


Most men will tell you that nothing feels better than going commando, especially on a hot day. However, it is important to note why men wear underwear on hot day. The primary reason is sweat. On hot days, the last thing you want is your jeans absorbing all your sweat.

Not only is this unhygienic, it means that you will have to wash your pants every day. You could simply just put on a pair of absorbent underwear. They are much easier to wash.

Imagine going to the bathroom, urinating and then putting your gear right back into your pants. Chances are you are going to get drops of urine on the inside of your pants. Now you have to wash your pants. Then again, if you wore underwear, your pants are safe. You are going to wash the underwear anyway so it doesn’t matter if a few drops of urine get on it.

The Dreaded Zip

No matter how many much you try, you have probably got your soldier stuck,or almost stuck in your pants zipper before. If you were wearing underwear, that would probably never have happened.


The biggest argument against mens underwear is that they are uncomfortable. It is understandable that it feels great to let loose. In fact, it may be comfortable as well. However, comfort depends highly on the pair of underwear. If you complain about underwear being uncomfortable, you obviously haven’t been wearing the right pair.

There are many brands that make your average pair of tighty whities whilst there are those that make exceptionally comfortable pairs of underwear. These better brands use very high quality material that gives you great feel while letting your crown jewels breathe, so to speak. When given the choice, which one sounds comfortable. Paying a little for an average pair or more for a much better pair.

Better Form

Most prefer a natural hang as opposed to the cramped up form that most underwear gives you. However, if that is what you believe, you honestly dont know much about new-age underwear. Underwear now comes with cups or pockets that keep your soldier in proper form. He will not stick to your thighs or be cramped inside. It will seem natural, but better.

Underwear is also manufactured to help improve the form of the buttocks as well. This type of underwear aims at improving the shape of everything below the belt.

In all, underwear is the way to go. The right pair of underwear offers a high level of comfort, is hygienic, keeps you safe from getting your gear stuck in a zip and it provides great form. So, to wear or not to wear. With so many advantages, you should definitely wear underwear.

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