Bow Ties: Not Just For Hipsters

Posted on March 30, 2014 by iseeyourunderwear .com

In fact, the title could even be Bow ties: not for hipsters!, but let’s not generalize. There is one basic thing you need to know to rock a bow tie. It is not an accessory for style-beginners. Sure, we see it nowadays in all sorts of blogs featuring young urbanites, but does it look good? Most of the times it does not. Let me explain to you why.

A gentleman would not accept to wear a neck-wear item that he could not tie on his own. And the vast majority of bow ties that you see on young celebrities and infamous hipsters are either pre-tied and strapped or clip-on. Especially clip-on bow ties are a terrible choice, as they bring to mind clowns, circus, and drunk boys at the prom. Why is that? Well, the whole point of tying your own bow tie is that this way it has a touch of your personal style. Clip-ons and pre-tied are just too perfect to be believable. Also, keep in mind that if you want to wear a bow tie to stand out in the crowd in a positive way, you will only manage if your bow tie outfit is well put together and the bow tie is not the only great thing on it. Otherwise you will look goofy.

In order to choose the right bow-tie, you need to take into account the collar, around which you will tie it. The width of your bow-tie needs to fit the height of the collar, in order to get the best result when tying. You can ask help from a salesman in a tie shop, on how to make the right choice. They can also advise you on the right materials for each season. As a rule of thumb, dark colors and heavier materials like wool and cashmere are great for winter while cotton, silk and linen are best for spring and autumn. If you want to wear your bow tie on an everyday basis, then make sure to choose a less formal one. The print makes all the difference. Dotted, paisley, stripped and herringbone are all good choices, as long as the colors are not too bold. This way you can match them with more outfits. On the other hand, feel free to choose contrasting colors for your shirt and bow-tie on special occasions, if you feel you can pull it off.

When can you wear your bow-tie? Whenever you feel like it. Of course, in a formal event with a tuxedo it can replace your tie. At the office you can wear it with a nice blazer and a smart shirt. And when you go for a coffee or drinks with friends, you can combine it more freely, even with a plaid shirt -sleeves rolled up- and a leather jacket. As long as it is made of high-quality materials and you tied it yourself, feel free to experiment. Remember that a bow tie on its own cannot make your style unique, but if you have a great style in total, it will surely give that extra punch.

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