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Posted on March 29, 2014 by iseeyourunderwear .com

If you are a fashion-forward man, then you certainly know that not all Underwear is suitable for all occasions. Also, not all underwear can be worn with all outfits. By reading this article, you will be able to understand what pieces are missing from your collection and which is the best type of underwear for you, based on your fashion sense, lifestyle and personality. So let’s get started!

The smartly dressed businessman: You have to go to the office wearing a suit and a tie and you have to attend meetings with demanding clients and a frustrated (and frustrating) boss. What you need in order to feel confident, is an underwear that offers support, looks good under your pants and lets your skin breath. Boxers are usually not a good choice, as the extra loose fabric does not offer much support and does not look good underneath slim-cut suits. Stretch boxers, briefs and boxer briefs are all good choices.

The freelancer: You work from home or on your own. You are independent and your own boss and you can decide your clothes of choice. You can enjoy the freedom of working in jeans and t-shirts and this translates also to your underwear. There is a great collection of briefs, boxers and trunks that come in bold colors and patterns and can make your day.

The sportsman: Weather you hit the gym after work or you are a professional athlete, you need a lot of support and not all the extra boxer fabric. You can go for fitted trunks and briefs if you are more traditional, but you can also go for jockstraps, if you really want to keep your skin free to breath. It is important to choose underwear that is made of mostly cotton and mesh fabrics, that allow sweat to evaporate. Durability is also a great must for sports underwear.

The Casanova: You like dating. A lot. And what comes after it. Having a pair of underwear that gives you confidence, can help you take your clothes off without hesitation. Seamless briefs look great under slim-fitting jeans and pants and they look good on their own as well. Trunks in black or gray are also a classy choice. Do not go for briefs with wide elastic bands, unless you have the abs to support that look. You can always try something more kinky like bikini briefs or g-strings and thongs, if you like adventure in the bedroom.

The laid-back lad: You like your couch. You like staying in bed reading your book or watching TV. You enjoy relaxed weekends. We all have a bit of a laid-back guy inside of us. And boxers are the best way to enjoy lazy days. Your thighs get enough ventilation and if you are concerned about fertility, boxers are the best choice, as they do not pressure you at all. But if you are no longer a teenager, please do not allow any cartoon characters, hearts, bombs and the like on your underwear. People have lost lovers because of that before!

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