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McKillop Elevate Butt - Max Lifters

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Who can keep up with Ryan McKillop, in such a short time Ryan McKillop designer of McKillop U/W has built this mens underwear company from a jockstrap to a Capri, and everything in-between with briefs boxers added to the list. Each season Ryan takes the simplest jockstrap and turns it into a masterpiece with last season’s Sweater Jock and this seasons Jean Jock what could be next...Time will only tell as Ryan is a design master of new and innovative mens underwear. It only seems like yesterday when Ryan started selling Jockstraps today McKilop boost 10,000 followers on Twitter and voted #5 best underwear companies. Wow

Check out one of my favourite underwear’s and not for the faint of heart, Elevate-Butt / Max Lifters. This comes with a suggested retail price of $60.00 Canadian Dollars but the technology that is built into this underwear make the price just right. Quote from McKillop:

“We perfected the enhancement of the Pouch and we have spent last year perfecting the backside. Elevate is our newest collection of enhancement products that give you the maximum lift humanly possible. Our T/Bar design is a combination of a Jock and a G String lifting your assets to new heights. With 2 layers of 1.5" elastic this drastic lift not only increases your profile it straightens your posture.We followed the same theme with the Brief which has 1 continuous elastic running from left to right like an under wire, some said it’s impossible but at Mckillop we just find that to be a dare! In addition to the lift the 2" leg straps gives an optical illusion of a smaller rear. Following the launches of the Brief and T/Bar we will be launching the 2012 version of our classic pouch. We were hesitant on launching this pouch because the bulge is totally obscene; it’s like propping your boys on a shelf and walking around. One of the features of the Pouch is to wear it before going out and you will have a loaded weapon like no other. “

McKillop Pouches are the company's signature, Pouches have made McKillop a leader in the enhancement field due to the ability to make your profile more noticeable. All of the designs incorporate enhancement pouches that create and excite. It is not only the wearer, but the looker that enjoys this underwear. Want to dress to thrill then look no further than McKillop U/W.

We have the opportunity to work with Ryan and I would say that Ryan is an honest hard working designer of men’s underwear; he stands behind each and every purchase of his product and makes it right because he believes that the customer is his first priority.

Check out any of the McKillop U/W products and you will see a different kind experience from a different kind of company! McKillop has just initiated a just in time build sequence so no more mass produced underwear , each and every pair is made to order. Mckillop UW is now creating each luxury piece especially for you, from our Vancouver Design Studio.

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