September 2009 Newsletter

Posted on August 31, 2009 by iseeyourunderwear

I See Your Underwear would like to introduce Manview Bodywear to our website, this month we have added a new company from Aurora, Colorado USA. Please visit our website and check out some of their products. I am sure you will agree that it is not for every man...but it is, for someone special like you.

Company Introduction:

Welcome to MANVIEW BODYWEAR where we make&design swimwear and intimate apparel that accentuates the male physique. We offer many different styles&colors to choose from and use only the finest material imported from Europe that is 85% nylon and 15 percent lycra spandex. Some of our garments have BUILT IN POUCHES for the man who is well endowed and needs a garment that gives tremendous support. Every item we make is carefully handcrafted and is double stitched for durability&comfort. Some of our suits are made with a convenient NO FRAY drawstring. What makes us unique is that we can customize a suit to your desired specifications.

Your complete satisfaction is the utmost importance to us. Bodywear that accentuates the male physique! We are proud to introduce to you our exciting new swimwear and underwear line called Manview Bodywear. We make bodywear that excites men! Here you will find many different and exciting styles in a large variety of vibrant colors with the Manview label sewn on each and every suit we make.

Our swimwear styles can be worn as swimwear or underwear and is ideal for wearing underneath jeans to enhance your physique. Some styles include the Poser Bikini that has 1 sides with a Rio 3/4 back along with a built in pouch. Another hot style is the popular Thong Bikini that has 3/4 sides with a sleek thong back which is ideal for men who like to get that all important tan. We also have a hot new style called an Aussie Bikini that has 3 1/2 sides for men who like less exposure on their hips. It is made with a convenient drawstring for that sure perfect fit. Another really hot style is our Square cut suit which has 8 1/2 sides and a unique built in pouch for the man who needs that much needed support.

All of our square cuts have a convenient drawstring for that ideal fit. Some of our styles are made with a built in pouch to accentuate the male physique while others have a seamless front for the look guys want. All of our products are double stitched and made with no liner to ensure maximum exposure.

What makes our company unique is that we can customize any suit to your specifications. By popular demand, we also have expanded our line to include male underwear called Pouch Boy bikini and thong. All of our pouch boy underwear bikinis come with a built in pouch that men desire. Our pouch boy underwear line comes in a variety of shiny colors.

Manviewbodywear has been sold to men all up and down the east and west coast of the United States and abroad. Our suits are worn by men in many exciting cities including Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Wilton Manors, Florida, Miami Beach, Florida, South Beach, Florida, Hollywood Beach, Florida, West Palm Beach, Florida, Tampa, Florida, Orlando, Florida, Panama City Beach, Florida, Atlanta, Georgia, Buckhead, Georgia, Kirkwood, Georgia, Decatur, Georgia, Oakland City, Georgia, Roseland, Georgia, Edgewood, Georgia, Center Hill, Georgia, Eastland Heights, Georgia, Lakewood Park, Georgia, Los Angeles, California, West Hollywood, California, Beverly Hills, California, Burbank, California, Santa Monica, California, Pasadena, California, Glendale, California, Malibu, California, Echo Park, California, Westwood Village, California, Manhattan, New York, Long Island, New York, Brooklyn, New York, Newark, New Jersey, Dallas, Texas, University Park, Texas, Houston, Texas, Chicago, Illinois, Bellwood Park, Illinois, Oak Park, Illinois, Elmwood Park, Illinois, Amsterdam, Holland, London, England, Blackpool, England and other hot European cities too.

Men all over the world say that Manview Bodywear is the hottest swimwear and underwear they have ever worn. You know you have purchased a quality made suit when you see the Manview label. Each month we offer a sale on selected items.

Thanks again and look for many more styles coming soon.

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