Mens Underwear Index

Posted on April 25, 2010 by iseeyourunderwear

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan says the economy is in bad shape when the sales of mens underwear dip below its flat line performance. As the economy is being battered so are mens underwear tend to wear their underwear just a little longer, as a matter of fact some will wear them until they are in tatters! I am not sure how attractive this is but generally underwear is the least likely item of clothing a man is judged on.

Do I believe mens underwear is an indicator of trouble in the economy. Yes I believe Alan Greenspan has a valid point and that in good times men tend to be a little less conservative with their purchases, designer underwear is a luxury for most but once a man makes his first purchase of a designer products, he finds it difficult to go back to 5 for $10.00 underwear ever again.

Mens underwear sales as an indicator show the affect on everyone’s bottom line (no pun intended) but underwear sales will be the first to rebound because of their low price point, and unless you travel commando replacements are necessary!

At we have stocked up on more core products because we believe that men over the next year will not spend as much on designer products but will want the comfort of a designer product in a more basic color as a reflection of the mood of the buying public. Check out our sale items available at.....I See Your Underwear

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