Cool Cats Wear Hats

Posted on March 28, 2014 by iseeyourunderwear .com

No, in this article you are not going to read about baseball caps and teenagers. Especially not about baseball caps worn backwards or in any sort of weird angle. This is an article for grownups with a sense of style. A hat can really give your wardrobe this extra touch that it needs to become from “fine” really classy and elegant.

Hats did go out of fashion about half a century ago, but as all fashion trends, they are doing a comeback. And for good reason! Think of all those classic Humphrey Bogart movies. He undoubtedly was quite a cool cat, right? Even if you are a more adventurous guy, think of Indiana Jones. What I am trying to say is: fedoras. Fedoras along with pork pie hats are the way to go, if you are brave enough to try this unique accessory. This is not an experiment for everyone. In order to wear a hat -and not let the hat wear you- you need to follow some rules.

First of all, don’t be cheap. Buy a hat made of a good quality material. Wool hats with darker shades are great choices for winter while lighter colored hats made of straw, cotton or linen are great for summer. Based on the shape of your fits, one of the two will suit you better. The same goes if you select a porkpie. If you have a longer face, then a hat with a lower crown -the bowl-shaped part of the hat- will flatter you more. If you have a short forehead and a rounded face, go for a higher crown that will make your face look more oval. And please make sure that your hat fits you! There are few things less unflattering than an ill-fitting fedora. And remember that a fedora is not a beanie, so do not try to stick your whole head in it.

It is important to match your hat with your outfit. If you have bought this great dark gray wool fedora and you are wearing with a t-shirt and jeans and you are not Johnny Depp, I am afraid no one will be impressed. On the contrary, the hat will look just plain silly and out of place. A classy hat goes with a classy suit. Keep that in mind and fashion police will stay out of your way. If you want to wear a hat with a casual outfit you can wear a jockey hat, which is a bit more sophisticated than your usual baseball cap, or go for a flat cap instead.

And since all cool cats have good manners, do not forget to follow the hat etiquette when wearing one. This means that you should take your hat off when you are inside (you doff your hat, in hat terminology). You also take it off when you talk to a lady, whether inside or out. You tip it up slightly to greet friends or acquaintances and you take it off to greet someone of great importance. Also, you always take it off when listening to the national anthem. To put your hat on (or, to don your hat) make sure that you are not exposing its inside to public. You have to always have the crown facing outwards, in order to keep any sweat, dirt or dandruff hidden. And you just put it on top of your head. Really simple. It goes without saying that your hat should be clean so if you love the look, buy a second one, in order to be always fresh and be able to combine your hat with your clothes.

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