November 2009 Newsletter

Posted on October 31, 2009 by iseeyourunderwear

Coming this month, Wildmant is a men’s underwear and swimwear company that specializes in male enhancement. Their break-through product, The Ball Lifter launched their company in 2007 and started it towards becoming the largest selection of male enhancing garments world-wide.
Owner/Creator, Tim Wildman started the company at age 35 aftera long career in publishing and design. He worked largely with gaymagazines and start-up companies. He eventually started hisfirst design company, Yellow Puppy. Almost 20 years after graduatingSyracuse University for fashion design, he started Wildmant and beganhis fashion career.
Tim recogized male enhancing garments were starting to become popularbut noticed that no garment actually delivered a truly enhancing effect.His unique way of lifting the manhood package from underneath with a simple elastic bandrevolutionized male enhancement and started a trend of "ball-lifting" items from all other majorbrands.Although only two years old, Wildmant is a world-wide success with their online store and isoffered in seven countries by other major online companies.With over 60 different male enhancing items available, Wildmant continues in delivering newand fresh ideas to create quality, supportive designs that help men look their best.This amazing soft cotton/Lycra bikini underwear is the sexiest thing in male enhancement underwear! Great colors with front and rear matching colors. Plus it has a built-in Ball Lifter Cock-Ring that is detachable and adjustable! You just can’t ask for more in men’s underwear! WildmanT: Low Racer Bikini w/Ball Lifter Cock-Ring is fashion, sexy and fun. Plus they also carry brief underwear, men’s underwear, men’s underwear, bikini style, wildmant, Ball Lifter, enhancing underwear, cock-ring. Watch for this product coming online soon, great Christmas gift.

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