October 2009 Newsletter

Posted on September 30, 2009 by iseeyourunderwear

Mens Underwear the start of your day, the end of your evening. The beginning of making a good day great, Underwear is a great source of comfort having said that the economy has put a dent in our buying trend. I See Your Underwear is offering great prices to help keep your drawers full, C-IN2 just delivered some new items and we were first to place them on sale we know that high quality is what you are looking for and C-IN2 delivered. Bamboo Products:C-IN2 Bamboo Mesh brings together the organic and technological aspects of fabric design with its pure bamboo fiber yarns. Naturally antimicrobial and exceptionally soft, bamboo is a must have for every man. Also features C-IN2\’s new Trophy Case design, which performs a similar lifting action as the Sling Support system, but without the hassle of the straps. Imported. 98% Bamboo fibers, 2% Spandex, interlock jacquard. These are the all new design Bamboo Mesh with an all new waist band with a larger C-IN2 Logo. Sure to get your attention. New Features: u2022 New Cotton Bamboo Rayon blended fabric adds more structure and durability u2022 New Trophy Case design u2022 new smooth back microfiber elastic u2022 Increased logo design The Process: u2022 First bamboo pulp is refined from bamboo through a process of hydrolysis-alkalization and multi-phase bleaching. u2022 We then process Bamboo pulp into Bamboo rayon fiber, which is then blended with cotton Bamboo fiber has naturally anti-bacterial functions.Core Products:Yes C-IN2 has updated the Core line. 100 % Cotton, Contour Pouch, color coordinated logo’d waistband. This is a great cut with a double layer pouch panel they make a great addition to the underwear drawer. Get briefed on the best underwear. Every man should own at least one pair of C-IN2 Designer Underwear. Treat yourself to beautiful designer mens underwear from our C-IN2 Core Collection. Check out the sexy, sensual styles any of which is guaranteed to enhance your profile. Spring is here and that means new styles and sensual designs. 100% CottonEco-Label Products:A baseball glove was the designers inspiration for the shape of this pouch. C-IN2 design has structured the Slugger Pouch for extra comfort and styled the seams to accentuate the bodies shape. With perfectly placed seams to provide the best possible fit, support, and profile enhancement these are a C-Incredible, the best contour pouch available on the market. Eco-friendly these are made with the super soft Pima Cotton and Sea Cell Lyocell fabric, vitamins and minerals that can be absorbed by your body and the Sea Cell Lyocell can absorb the bad things your skin expels. Sea cell is a fabric made out of Lyocell (A 100% wood pulp fiber) and seaweed. Yes, you heard us. Seaweed. With its anti-inflammatory properties, this marine plant protects your skin and facilitates the active exchange of Substances between you and its fiber. Your natural body Moisture releases nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and vitamin E when the fiber is worn. Its porous, open structure then absorbs what your Skin expels. Sea cell contains 5% seaweed content, and has been Certified from “Eco-Label”, which promotes green products Fabric Content: 75% Pima Cotton 25% Sea Cell LyocelPink Punt Punt style a cross between a brief and a trunk. If you like the square cut but you’re not a fan of the trunk style then C-IN2 has the all new Punt style, soft micro-ribbed cotton 51% modal blend 49%. Great show off waist band with the blazing logo of C-IN2. This sport model designed to fit straight across the hip Punt has a Brazilian feel to it. The Prime Punt combines luxury and style. This is an all day comfortable fitting underwear try yours today

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