Mother's Day

Posted on April 28, 2010 by iseeyourunderwear

Guy’s don’t forget Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 9, 2010. This is a reminder to all of us guy’s who need a nudge from time to time. I hate when I get to the store on Mother’s Day and there are 30 other guys looking at the last of the cards and you are willing to take just anything that is on the shelf. Or when you show up at the store and the card rack is empty and you have to go home and convince the kids it would be a great idea to make a card from scratch because it’s more "thoughtful". Nobody buys that story but if you stick to the lame "it’s the thought that counts" who can argue!

I am not suggesting that on Mother’s day you go online and purchase her a pair of men’s underwear from but if you look around the many websites available you can purchase great items and have them delivered to her door with very little effort . As that special man in your wife’s life, wouldn’t you in a great new pair of underwear do the trick. Flowers are always a hit, or if your mother/wife is cool then an ipod, or newest electronic gadget would do the trick. Check out the items online early to make sure you get them in time for the special occasion. Why shop bricks and mortar when you can click and order!

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