McKillop U/W Valentine's Tour!

Posted on February 08, 2011 by iseeyourunderwear

Courage to say hello Valentine’s Tour!

Check our our selection of McKillop U/W

Mckillop U/W is hosting 3 parties this Valentine’s Day. Our goal is help Men meet organically again.
Free underwear giveaways and all things Mckillop will be at:
here Lounge, West Hollywood, CA. Feb 9th 2011
1181 Lounge, Davie St, Vancouver, BC. Feb 12 2011
Appocolypstic @ the Cobalt, Vancouver, BC. Feb 13 2011
We hope to see you all there. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Starting Jan 1 2011 Mckillop U/W launched Courage to say Hello!Our products give Men the confidence to say hello and now our philosophy matches our collection.


* Jan 11. 2011 Mckillop underwear blog changed to a lifestyle blog. is now offering daily updates that help give Men the Courage to say Hello!

* Blog now offers Bachelor of the day courtesy of, Dating tips from, daily cocktails from, a daily Mckillop pic of the day, and our daily updates.

* Our blog is also the best resource for underwear blogs, stores, and online shopping for all things underwear.

* Mckillop Courage to say Hello! Club tour for Feb see dates on the left.

* Mckillop U/W now offers you the best Jocks and Pouches.

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