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The Mckillop Brand U/W (Underwear) Est. 2009 is a boutique brand offering Jockstraps and Pouches for the men who demand comfort and style without padding and branding being the main focus of the underwear.

The Mckillop U/W collections have always taken the design step further: from how do you look; to how do you feel? Each facet of our jocks and pouches has been achieved through a lengthy process of making sure that you are going to feel the effects of our underwear.

Head Designer and founder Ryan Mckillop wanted to present you with an underwear collection of the highest quality and in doing so realized that our products had additional features such as frontal enhancement, Pouches that lift if you choose to go commando, and that the U/W will keep you in the mood all day long.

Men that wear jocks and pouches want to feel sexy and don’t want to be restricted by little boy briefs. We are here to let your "boys" be free and when we hear "I couldn’t wear my Mckillop U/W today cause they get me to excited" then we know we have done our jobs!

Mckillop U/W Pouches and Jockstraps are available in 1.5, 3.0 and the NEW! POWER Collection.

Wear responsibly!

The Designer

Designer Ryan Mckillop has been designing clothing since the age of 7. Found the underwear industry fascinating in his teens. Attended a design School in Toronto in 1996. Moved to England and New York in his 20’s. Then headed to Vancouver in 2004. Through 2004- 2007 worked on his women’s eveningwear collections but it just didn’t offer the excitement he was looking for. In 2007 Ryan wanted to make a pair of underwear for himself and it wasn’t until 2009 he thought he should see what others thought about his underwear, and instantly the responses were amazing.

July 7th 2009 Ryan launched His brand Mckillop U/W and started production. Sept 26th 2009 Ryan celebrated the worldwide launch of Mckillop U/W, followed by May 15th 2010 launching in the USA. These launches in retrospect was the perfect blend of all things Mckillop, It had the fashion, it had the club scene and it had theatre and drama. Ryan knew at this moment that all of the paths he took no mater how easy or hard in life paid off, in his collection and in his brand.

Mckillop U/W is an extension of Ryan Mckillop and his journey. A quote from Kinky Boots (movie) sums it all up "A company is it’s people, Not it’s bricks" and he would like to welcome you to join him in this adventure by experiencing:

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