Hurricane Sandy

Posted on November 01, 2012 by iseeyourunderwear .com

Hurricane Sandy

Were you prepared for Hurricane Sandy? I know that I gave it some thought for a while then decided it was in my best interest if I at least filled the car and spare gas tanks and bought a couple of cases of water. Not much, but this was my first attempt at preparing.

I remember a few summers ago when we lost hydro for 3 days, the weather was nice and warm we were able to sit outside relax and enjoy the change of pace. It was a great time when I think back, not having to go to work for a few days. This time was different it was late October the temperatures were beginning to drop, the thought of being without hydro for a couple of days made me think that I should prepare in some way.

The devastation from this super storm is huge, this massive storm covered over 11,000 miles in diameter the largest Atlantic hurricane on record. Is this a wakeup call for us? Should we start to think more about our safety as we know from previous hurricanes that damage is inevitable, and many lives are at risk? I think that warnings are sometimes overlooked; we think that these warnings are overstated. What do you do to you leave your home, neighborhood, community and hope for the best? Do you stay and head for shelter? Some who believe that everything will be okay and stay put, hoping that storms will not be as bad as they are being stated and that they are safe in their homes.

Hurricane Sandy has caused a lot of damage no question about that and for the lives that were lost our thoughts and prayers go out to the families. If you want to help, many organizations are looking for your support but beware of scams that generally pop up after crisis like this. I would like to mention that the Red Cross has always been there when people need help. The Red Cross helps families; you too can help at

Groups such as the NFL and players union, AT&T, HBO, ABC, NBC, TD Bank just to name a few groups that have donated huge to the Red Cross, but it is you that can help the most.

If you would like to support the Red Cross they have a website that will gladly accept your donation. wishes all those affected by the storm a speedy recover, lets help each other. Everyone can help in some way, big or small.

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