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Posted on August 30, 2012 by iseeyourunderwear .com

As a man that shops as little as I do and I will be frank about this, once a year. I like to shop online where I can view a huge assortment of fashion products from my office seat, hell I dont even want to get in my car to go shopping and I love to drive. Guess it is more about time than anything else; I cannot be bothered to go and try on 10 different things in the store just to find out that none of them look right. Like some guys if I buy it online and it looks okay on the computer screen them that’s just good enough for me. Well this may be some guys that shop with little care but more and more men are shopping with care and knowledge that use to be reserved for the more avid shopper, the one that shopped hours at a time and reviewed every detail of the product. The best part of shopping online is all the material available at your fingertips. With social networking, Twitter, Facebook, Google plus if you like or dislike a product you can tell everyone. Product reviews are plentiful online, just type in a product number, model or product name and click you have instant reviews.

As a guy that enjoys nice clothing but really hates to shop I find that when I need to shop that the internet has everything I want and then some. If I want something new in men’s underwear, boxers or briefs it is a simple as clicking on Just to see all the new and sexy underwear available for men. The selection gets bigger every month with new styles available. Remember back in the day when men’s underwear was available in white well, all that has changed and as surprising as it sounds color is not the most popular but black is now the color (shade) of choice.

As a guy that wants to wear the high end underwear not because I can afford to buy the high end products but only because I feel comfort in the design, it is hard to describe the first time I put on a pair of C-IN2 Bamboo Trophy Shelf underwear and then I was converted. Hard to believe that one pair of quality underwear could make me a believer. I have tried to wear most underwear products but time to time I go back to C-IN2 and I know this is my comfort clothing. It is very important to feel great as I think the underwear supports and coddles your man gear; something that I know makes my day just that much better.

Just as any product online information is readily available to all of us by people like you who take the time to let others know what they liked or did not like about the products online. Today someone can make or break a product online so quickly whether it is a comment in Twitter, Facebook, or any of the many social media marketing or just talking to friends on open blogs or comment on websites. People want to read what customers are saying, many of the website I view and I am always online looking tell a very different view of a product that is being sold on the website. Customer reviews are unregulated and mostly a true opinion of the customer whether he / she liked the service of the website or he / she liked the product. I like the to see sites with varying opinions of products and service, but mostly I look at the response to the comments by the website owner. Does this website owner get defensive and rude or does the website owner respect the person’s opinion? I feel that website owner should defend their service but be readily accepting of criticism and accept it as help.

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