A Brief Overview of Mens Underwear

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Most people do not think about it, but a lot of hard work goes into making a single piece of underwear. Underwear has several components that are joined together by skilled artisans so that you can have your jewels comfortable and secure. Here is a look at the various elements that go into making mens underwear.

There are 3 types of waistbands in mens underwear:
u2022tThe elastic waistband that is sewn inside
u2022tThe elastic waistband that is encased
u2022tThe elastic waistband that is sewn on

The elastic waistband that is sewn inside is exposed on the body. The main advantage of this type of waistband is that it does not leave red marks imprinted on the body.

In the case of encased elastic waistbands, the elastic is sewn through the casing, which makes the casing gather. This can be seen on boxers. This is a huge advantage for those who are allergic to latex. Though the red vertical imprints left on the body is one big disadvantage.

Briefs can also have an elastic waistband sewn on. Many manufacturers nowadays are mass producing waistbands that have microfibers or brushing on the inside.

The Fly

Not many men use flies as they prefer other methods, but its still a stock feature found on all briefs. It’s not used for its function much but people still prefer it as a decorative piece. The brief style fly treatment is incorporated into trunks and boxer briefs.


Many changes in design have taken place between the legs of a man to improve the fit and increase the comfort of the intersection of the front, back and leg seams. These have become less traditional. Panels and gussets are gaining popularity overall and have the benefit of being very comfortable.


Gussets are put in underwear to make more space and to make it easier to move. They can be found in rectangle, diamond, and triangle shapes. They are found near the inseams. Fewer inseams are then possible in the garment and make it comfortable and form fitting. Care has to be taken that the inseams don’t become too long. If they do then they frequently creek up and hence you have to frequently adjust them for as long as you have them on.

Back Seam

The majority of men dislike sitting on a back seam all day long due to the wedge feeling it creates. For men, this is very important, and is why most designer underwear does not have them. Instead of back seams, gussets are used to give shape to the garment.

Leg Opening

All men desire freedom while walking as they do not like to feel their stride being limited or constantly adjust their underwear. Woven boxers usually have 1.5 to 2 inches tall slits or plackets on the side.

Jock Cups

As the size of the waistband increases so does the size of the cup. The size of the package and the waist size share no relation between each other.


Regardless of the mans size, the underwear should fit him without bagging, because when it binds, it becomes very uncomfortable. It should be kept in mind that underwear is now made to fit and does not shrink after every wash, so you should not buy larger sizes.


Microfiber is a new soft fabric for mens underwear that is comfortable. Though, most men still prefer cotton fabric. The highest quality cottons available are Suprima cotton, Pima cotton and Egyptian cotton.

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