Mens Underwear throughout the Ages

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In Victorian times, the purpose of clothes was to conceal the underwear and other various body parts. Underwear was made by hand from either silk or cotton and was in two pieces for men. People did not discuss about underwear, which gave rise to its erotic properties.

As the years went by, underwear concentrated on comfort and convenience, especially during the 1920s. Many things were introduced during this era such as button fastening, boasted cotton, pre-shrunk fabrics and various blends of wool and silk.

During the next decade, 1935 to be exact, a revolution in mens underwear occurred. Jockey briefs were introduced for the first time during which they were enduring the worst blizzard of the winter. 600 pairs of Jockey shorts had been sold before they had been removed due to the extreme weather and the skimpy appearance of the undergarment. Nonetheless, another 30,000 pairs were sold within the following three months. After being introduced in Britain, in 1938, an estimated 3000 pairs a week.

During the 20th century with the introduction of Spandex and Lycra, underwear started to become a fashion statement and many different forms of underwear started to pop up such as colored and printed underwear. Many varieties were mass-produced by companies such as Calvin Klein and branding started to become prevalent. Undergarments started to be designed according to different purposes and age groups.

Moving along into the new millennium, many more changes and variations in mens underwear can be seen. Microfiber fabrics are becoming more popular day by day but traditional undergarments such as Trunks, made from the blend of cotton and lycra, are still popular and preferred by many. New hybrid designs have been produced by underwear manufacturers with boxer-briefs, hipsters and G-strings finding their way into the mens market.

Waistbands have increased in size over the ages and are now emblazoned with the logo of the company and designer as fashion now dictates that the waistband is to be above the top of the trousers. Therefore young men follow this trend and the logos are actually seen by everyone everywhere.

Going all the way back to the Victorian times, men only bought traditional underwear for themselves but, as you move up through the 20th and towards the 21th century, we can see many developments. It is due to these developments and manufacture of new fabrics along with new styles and colors, men look for the underwear that gives the best sex appeal and is the most fashionable but is still good for everyday use.

With the introduction of the internet, along with its various uses and advantages being exploited, people are becoming less traditional as they no longer prefer buying their undergarments at a shop on the high street. They now rather prefer looking up designs online on retailer websites and then getting them delivered home. This system of online sales is rapidly gaining popularity.

Mens underwear has come a long way from being a simple piece of cloth. It has now evolved into something that is used to add spice into someone’s love life and provide extreme comfort under any condition.

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