Top Ten Things I Hate about Underwear

Posted on February 14, 2012 by iseeyourunderwear .com

10. Underwear that does not fit, too loose or tight

9. Waist band rolls under when wearing them.

8. Big seams in the rear of the underwear, uncomfortable to seat on.

7. The leg bands lose their grip and your boys fall out, getting caught re-arranging them when the girlfriends parents are looking.

6. White underwear not looking so white anymore, especially in the rear

5. Holes in my underwear, not really a problem until someone sees the holes....embarrassing.

4. Going to the gym, taking off my pants and realize I am wearing my superman or home of the whopper underwear.

3. End of the week and my undie drawer has my last choice of undies in it. You know that your day is just going to be a long uncomfortable day.

2. Seamless underwear that does not define the boys area, this is all about comfort and keeping the boys away from the legs.

1. And the most annoying thing I hate about my underwear is the damn scratchy label or as some would call it small booklet with instructions on how to wash.

I have a top 10 list of things I love about underwear but for today I just want to vent about underwear. I have been wearing underwear all my life and you would think that I would know a thing or two about men’s underwear. My biggest peeve is not being able to try them on but then again I would hate to try on a pair only to know that someone else had tried them on. Yuck

Anyways if there is anything that I have learned measure twice and buy once. Look at the styles think about what looks best for your body type. Always keep in mind that large belly men in Speedos don’t look good and that applies to bikini underwear for large belly men. Just my opinion but boxer shorts streamline the body better, and look nicer but I am jaded from seeing too many older large belly men in the locker room wearing bikini underwear, my mind screams cover it up! Please.

Check your elastics when their time is up it is time to give them up, I know I am guilt of trying to keep my underwear for another week but the comfort level makes me groan when I pull them out of my undies draw and I know that I got to wear them for the day.

Holes now that is just wrong, and I know I have had to toss my favorite pair because I wear them to often but once you get a hole it telling you it is time. The elastics are old the cotton is worn, I know you think who will know but wrong is wrong.

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